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For the advanced design class at Loyola, Design III, we explored two theoretical designs throughout the semester, focusing on one design path. I took Design III three times, with the first time being as a costume designer. My main goals were to become familiar with the costume design process for my production position later my sophomore year, and build a foundation in figure drawing.


FUN HOME was the first show we did, and I loved getting to explore character and identity through the costume design. I chose colors based on where they were on the sense-of-self spectrum, with cool tones meaning a lack of assurance and warm tones signifying comfort in their identity.


THE LIAR was our period show for the semester, and my main goal was staying true to period accuracy for late 1600/early 1700 Aristocratic France. I did extensive research for the time period, and ultimately had a lot of fun piecing together this design. 

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